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Steps Limiting Dispensaries

June 10th, 2016 | by floridanewsadmin
Steps Limiting Dispensaries

Steps Limiting Dispensaries

On march 29th 2016 North Lauderdale issued a year long moratorium on the sale of marijuana anywhere within the city limits. Legislative staff said this move would give them time to create rules and regulations in order to keep marijuana away from places such as schools and churches…if even permitted at all, that is.


This seems to be the narrative taking place in various locations throughout Florida. Boca Raton, who previously also issued a similar moratorium, has extended it, until October of this year. This moratorium effectively stops the cultivating, processing, distributing, and/or selling or “related activities”


A few other examples of cities within Florida taking this stance are as follows..


Well first of all it was Palm Beach that first filed for a municipal moratorium against medical marijuana dispensaries back in October 2014, just prior to the Amendment being narrowly defeated.


Delray Beach filed for a medical marijuana moratorium back in 2015, as well as Melbourne, Florida, on August 13th 2015. The city of Alachua also adopted a 6 month moratorium, back in 2015. The city of Umatilla also issued their own moratorium for 280 days, back in 2014.

Even more so.. Wilton Manors has passed a moratorium, that will remain in effect until October 2017.


Lighthouse point also has a similar moratorium that expires October 31st of this year.


The now 6 dispensaries are so far the only, legal dispensaries in Florida, all this with the amendment vote still over 4 months away.

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