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Can you be fired?

June 10th, 2016 | by floridanewsadmin
Can you be fired?

If Marijuana is legal..Can you be fired for testing positive for it?


So with medical marijuana legalization, going to be on the ballot, once again, in 2016, many people are wondering the same question..


“If medical marijuana is legalized in Florida, during the vote on Amendment 2, can I still be fired for testing positive for marijuana, if tested by my place of employment?”


…And the answer is… (drum roll pleaseeee…) [image of drum roll]




It seems state legislative  have already begun setting up policies aimed at the idea of companies being able to take the “my way or the highway, approach.”  The situation is shaping up so that the businesses within states that have legalized marijuana, medically or recreational, can still have the option of enacting “No Marijuana Policies”.


We can find an example of this situation, in Eugene, Oregon, where a television news anchor was recently let go, for testing positive for marijuana use. Cyd Maurer, was involved in a vehicular accident, while on the job, in one of her stations vehicles. As was the station’s policy, she was asked to take a drug test, which she in turn, failed.


The policies that led to her termination becomes even more confusing, when  Maurer, claimed the television station’s management, didn’t even want to fire her, but said they were handcuffed due to the stations drug policies, stating simply, they wouldn’t comment on “personal issues”.


In the wake of all this controversy Cyd Maurer, has become a marijuana activist and has even created this website, . She also explained the story herself in detail in the video below

[youtube video:]


So to wrap things up..


Yes you can and will be fired for smoking marijuana, if your employer desires, even if your state has deemed it legal. If you are a marijuana user, just remember, just because your state allows the use of marijuana, that may not always be the policy your employer will follow.


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